Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kansas City Ink Fitness Challenge: Meet the trainers Diana Chaloux and Micah LaCerte

Here is a link to the "Meet the Trainers" segment for the new KC Ink Magazine weight loss challenge! Micah and I are the official trainers for the weight loss challenge and are working with them all via our online training programs. To check out my online and in person training programs please visit

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

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The Top 10 Foods I WISH I Could Eat Everyday...And The Reasons Why I Don't

The Ten Foods I Wish I Could Eat Everyday….
And The Reasons Why I Don’t

In a dream world where I could eat whatever I wanted, still stay lean, healthy and have six pack abs, this is what my diet would consist of.

Ice Cream
Peanut Butter
Macaroni and Cheese
The little raspberry tart things that my Mom makes at Christmas
Lots of tasty delicious breads
Cream of Mushroom soup (seriously, it was my favorite as a kid)
Did I say Ice Cream yet?? Just in case…ICE CREAM!

That’s right! I’m human! I have a major sweet tooth and I crave junky foods just like anybody else does. It’s not easy to make the right choices everyday. I get stressed, I get sad, I get emotional, just like everybody else. I get busy and don’t have time to cook. I even have tired days where I don’t feel like working out.

This is all shocking information right? If I love all these foods that are listed above and would love to eat them every day for the rest of my life, then why don’t I? Why don’t I give in to the cravings and just eat whatever I want whenever I want it? A lot of people are doing just that, so why can’t I?

The answer is simple. I can. But I choose not too. The reason is this. I know how GREAT it feels to be on THIS side. I know that it is worth it to make the choices that I do every single day. The list of perks to NOT eating those foods day in and day out far outweighs any momentary satisfaction than junk food overload would fulfill.

There are, of course, the visual perks. I love having six pack abs. I can’t deny that one bit, my mid section is something I have worked incredibly hard for, and it was worth every sacrifice, every moment of overcoming a temptation, every workout. It was all worth it.

The emotional, mental and health perks are even more important. It’s worth it to not eat those foods every day in exchange for being able to walk into a store and pick out whatever clothes that I want and KNOW that they are going to fit. It’s worth it to feel attractive and beautiful for myself and for my boyfriend. It’s worth it to know that I’m in good health. It’s worth it to feel GOOD, to have clear skin because I’m not eating junky foods, to have energy because I’m eating foods that fuel me, to look YOUNGER than I am because of how I’ve chosen to live my life. It’s worth it to KNOW that I will fit into an airplane seat easily, or into the back of a friends crowded car if we all need to pack in. It’s worth it to know that I will be able to walk or run up a hill, or tackle a long flight of stairs and make it to the top.

It’s worth it to know that because of the choices I’ve made I get to wake up every single morning and do exactly what I love to do, which is train people and teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s worth it because every dream and goal I’ve had and will have in the future has come true or will come true because I make the choice to NOT eat like that every day.

Do I have cheat meals? YES of course I do! I thoroughly enjoy some of my favorite cheat foods on occasion. But they are not the staples of my diet. Don’t misinterpret and think that I don’t enjoy the foods that are healthy and keep me lean, because I do, very much in fact, but that’s beside the point. My little rant came about because I get a lot of emails from people that think and/or assume it’s easy for me, or for any other fit person, fitness model, figure competitor, or bodybuilder. That because of what we look like now that we never have to struggle with temptations and cravings. On the contrary, we all struggle with them. We all have the power and the responsibility to make the choices that will either get us to our goals, or hold us back from them.

My advice to anyone who is still making excuses for themselves, still telling themselves that they can’t achieve a fitness goal because of this, that and the other thing, still telling themselves that anyone who has attained a great physique, has it easy because we must not have to struggle with any of the challenges that they face, to STOP the excuses and START making the right choices. You can be whoever you want to be, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, it’s up to you to make the right choices. Just do it. It’s worth it.
Diana Chaloux
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top 10 Tips for Looking Lean!

Everyone wants to know how to look lean! Here are my top 10 tips!

Do you want a lean, sexy and toned physique? If your answer is “Yes!” then read on! To achieve the sculpted body of your dreams you need to build lean muscle tissue and reduce the layer (or layers!) of fat hiding your fit and fabulous figure! The lean look that you seek can be yours if you take these ten tips and apply them to your fit and healthy lifestyle.

Discover your motivation
A lean and sexy physique doesn’t happen overnight, so first and foremost you have to identify your super “WHY” for wanting to achieve your fitness goal. Whether you want more energy, want to wear cute clothes, improve your self confidence, overcome health problems or set a good example for your family or children, identify and write down the motivators that will keep you on track!

Track your progress
One major key to achieving a total body transformation is knowing where you are now and knowing where you want to go. We’ve all got to start somewhere! Find out your current stats including weight, body fat percentage and measurements, take “before” pictures and update these pictures and stats every few weeks. Weigh yourself on a weekly basis so that you can be sure the numbers are headed in the right direction. Monitoring your progress will help to hold you accountable and once you have the body that you desire you will be able to look back and see how much progress you have made and celebrate your success!

Fuel your body frequently
Your body needs to be fueled constantly throughout the day in order to keep your energy levels high and your metabolic fires burning. In general you should try to eat 5-6 meals per day. Your meals should be small and spaced about 2-3 hours apart. Take some time to plan ahead when you know you will be at work or on the go, and whatever you do don’t skip breakfast! It is literally the most important meal of the day.

Choose your foods wisely
Nutrition is responsible for 80% of your success when it comes to getting lean and shedding body fat. You can exercise all you want and if you aren’t eating properly then you will not achieve the body that you desire. The main staples of your diet should include a combination of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Excellent protein sources include chicken, lean ground turkey, fish, egg whites, skim dairy products, and whey protein isolate powder. Carbohydrates such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat breads and cereals get the thumbs up, and fat sources such as nuts, olive oil, avocado and natural peanut butter are all great alternatives. Your diet should also include loads of vegetables, small portions of fruits and plenty of water to keep you well hydrated and satiated throughout the day.

Hit the weights
In order to build lean muscle tissue and develop a sexy sculpted physique you need to strength train. Resistance training will allow you to build lean muscle and increase your body’s ability to burn calories. The more lean muscle tissue that your body has the higher your metabolism will be even when you are at rest. A well rounded strength training program will include exercises for all of your muscle groups, strength training should be done a minimum of twice a week but as much as six days per week depending on your fitness level.

Crank up the cardio
Research shows that higher intensity, shorter duration cardio sessions are most effective for burning off fat and maintaining lean muscle tissue. Cardio is essential to fat loss. If you are just starting out then begin with smaller amounts of cardio and build yourself up to 5-6 days per week doing anywhere from 25-45 minutes per day. You can choose whatever type of cardio that you enjoy, make sure you are breathing hard and sweating. Incorporate intervals and sprinting when you are ready to kick things into high gear.

Mix things up in the gym
If you do the same strength training and cardio routines over and over again your body will reach a plateau and not progress. It becomes efficient at doing a certain routine within a couple of weeks so spice things up in the gym with new routines, new classes and different types of cardio to consistently challenge and change your body.

Cut the junk!
If you are serious about looking lean then the junk food has to go. Fried foods, greasy foods, high sugar foods such as cookies, cake and candy, sodas and sugary juices have no place in a fit and healthy nutrition plan. Once you are lean and your body is a fat burning machine you will be able to enjoy these foods in moderation on occasion.

Practice portion control
Overeating, even if it is the right types of foods will sabotage your lean physique. Be aware that most restaurants serve anywhere from 3-8 or more servings per meal. Purchase a food scale so that you can measure the food that you eat and learn proper portions. Don’t eat until you are full, your body can only utilize a certain number of calories at one time. When going out to eat share your meal with a friend or pack up half of it to take with you and eat at a later time.

Be consistent
Start your exercise and nutrition plan and be consistent! The way to stay lean for the rest of your life is by developing these healthy habits and being consistent

What are you waiting for? If you want to achieve the lean, toned look that you’ve always dreamed of, then don’t procrastinate another day. Start incorporating these ten tips into your life and you will be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals.